There are a number of ways to obtain a divorce in Louisiana.  Under LA C.C. 102, a Petition for Divorce is filed and served upon the other party.  Once the parties have lived separate and apart for six months after service, then they are eligible to obtain a final divorce. If the parties have minor children (under the age of 18) then the waiting period is one year.

If the parties have already been separated the requisite period of time , they can obtain a divorce under LA C.C. 103(1). It is also possible to obtain a divorce und LA C.C. 103(2) which is the adultery based statute.  This is a complex statute to obtain a divorce under. The moving party has to be able to prove that adultery did in fact occur.  Sometimes even when adultery can be proven an experienced attorney will advise not to proceed forward under this article. Mr. Knight has successfully obtained divorces under all of the above mentioned codal articles. We are able to handle your divorce case from beginning to end and you will be assured that it will be handled correctly and in the most expeditious manner possible. 

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