Grandparent Rights

In Louisiana family law, the court can appoint a non parent, such as a grandparent and award custody of a child to that non parent.  While these cases are unusual, as the parents have the fundamental right to their child, a judge does have that option.  In an case where a grandparent might not be available and the Judge decides that the child needs to be placed with a person other than a parent, then a relative of the child may be awarded custody.

Even though these cases are rare, Mr. Knight has successfully obtained grandparent/non parents custodial rights for a several clients.  A grandparent or non parent must first understand that they are not the court’s first option to place a child with.  However, if one or both parent are in jail or on drugs then it is possible to obtain custody rights for the grandparent or nonparent.

If you have a case where you are a grandparent or non parent and you need an attorney to advocate your case, please contact Knight Law Firm today. 

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