Catastrophic Accidents

When you or a loved one has suffered
a catastrophic injury it is important for you to have an effective and dedicated  trial attorney representation.  You should consult with an attorney who has the knowledge and skill set necessary.  A traumatic brain injury or other serious injury can require a lifetime of medical care, loss of income and need for special  equipment for daily life.  Robert Knight has the experience necessary to recovery the compensation you need.

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While some injuries heal in a few weeks or months, catastrophic injuries are life changing for the entire family.  Our Louisiana law firm recovers compensation on behalf of injured clients and their families. 

We are skilled in the area of serious catastrophic injuries, such as :
• Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
• Closed Head Injury
• Amputation
• Neck Injury
• Back injury
• Spinal Cord Injury
• Paralysis

If you, a family member, or friend was involved in a motor vehicle accident such as a car accident or other serious incident, you need a lawyer who is an effective and persuasive advocate.  Robert Knight has been involved in personal injury litigation for over a decade and has the knowledge essential to the proper handling of your case.  Mr. Knight knows how to recover maximum compensation on behalf of his client as evidenced by his impressive history of verdicts and settlements.

• How did the accident happen?  The first step is to assess the liability or fault for the accident. This usually involves the use of accident reconstructionists, witness statements or investigating officers.

• What is the victim’s medical condition?  Medical experts can testify about the traumatic brain or spinal cord injury.  Does the victim need care such as rehabilitation?  Does the spinal cord injury victim need special equipment? 

• How was the victim’s life affected?  Can the victim work?  How has it changed daily life?  Has the incident affected other family members?
All of the above are issues and questions that will be handled by Robert Knight as he evaluate your case and takes the case from the initial interview through settlement or trial.

Whether from an explosion, motorcycle accident, truck accident, 18-wheeler accident, car accident, boat accident, bus accident, airplane accident, construction accident or workplace accident , individuals suffering from catastrophic injuries will have a lifetime of special needs.  Our personal injury firm is an advocate for these victims and will work to recover full compensation for them. 

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