Medical Malpractice

When you are sick or injured
you rely on a physician, nurse, hospital or nursing home to provide appropriate care.  Unfortunately, not all medical treatment achieves the intended result.  When you are injured or a loved one is killed from believed medical malpractice, you need an attorney experienced in this area to properly handle your case.  Robert Knight has successfully represented numerous individuals and families involving every type of medical specialty.  Types of medical malpractice include delays in diagnosis, failure to diagnose, surgical errors, prescription errors, importer treatment, anesthesia errors, prescription errors, failure to properly refer and birth injuries.

Nursing Home Neglect cases usually involve neglect of an elderly person who has little or no ability to care for themselves.  Nursing homes cases involve such incidents as failure to properly medicate, over medication, failure to properly supervise, failure to properly contact a physician, or failure to properly transfer to a hospital.

Mr. Knight has successfully handled numerous nursing home cases.  Injuries that most often result from nursing home cases are those of pressure sores or “bedsores”  These injuries occur when a patient is not being properly cared for and are allowed to lay in the same position for a prolonged length of time.  These injuries become infected and are sometimes fatal to an individual in poor health to begin with.

When an error occurs in a medical  setting, the result of the error is almost always severe and even possibly fatal to the patient.  Medical malpractice cases are one of the most expensive cases to try and they are almost always very difficult to prove.  Therefore, as a result, Mr. Knight is highly selective in the cases he takes in this area.  Mr. Knight will meet with you, at no cost, and evaluate your case.  If he does not think that your case can be proven he will tell you this fact immediately, rather than just taking your case, filing it and then waiting a number of years for the case to conclude and the client to finally understand that their case could not be proven or had no merit.

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