To be able to prove
that a person was negligent and breached a duty to another individual, it must be shown that the individual failed to use ordinary care which a reasonable person would have done under ordinary circumstances.  For example, in operating a car or truck a person must use ordinary care.  In these types of cases, negligence is what causes most accidents. 

Examples of negligent behavior which can cause car or truck accidents and lead to catastrophic injuries or wrongful death include:
• Failure to keep a proper lookout
• Failure to control speed
• Failure to follow at a proper distance
• Failure to yield
• Failure to stop
• Failure to control the vehicle
• Failure to use brakes
• Failure to use turn signal
• Failure to drive in a non-inebriated state
• Failure to drive on the correct side of the road

For Robert Knight to prove that the negligent actions of the other driver is responsible for your injuries, we must also show that these actions were the proximate cause of your injuries.  Proximate cause means the cause which is the natural and continuous sequence produces an event, without which, said event should have not been caused. 

If you or a loved one has been injured due to the negligent actions of another, contact Robert Knight today.

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