Spousal Support

A party’s right to spousal support is limited to his or her need, and the other party’s ability to pay. There is no set table or guideline for spousal support which means that the Judge has wide discretion in either ordering alimony or denying a spousal support claim.

Knight Law Firm has handled numerous alimony and spousal support claims both in attempting to obtain this support for his client and also defending his clients against another party.  Alimony and spousal support is a technical area of the law.  Aggressive representation is a must if you are either attempting to obtain a spousal support award or if a spousal support claim has been made against you.

Spousal support claims are classified as either interim or final.  Interim alimony is paid during the pendency of a divorce.  Final support awards can be paid for the duration of a party’s life.  Once an alimony award is given, it is very difficult to adjust this award.  Therefore, if an alimony claim is made against you or for you, a party must take immediate steps to make sure that this claim is properly handled.

If you are faced with an alimony or spousal support claim call Robert Knight at the Knight Law Firm today for a consultation.

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