Bus Accidents

Bus accidents can be catastrophic
and cause wrongful death such as brain injuries, spinal injuries and more.  These injuries can be caused by driver inattention, intoxication, driver fatigue, inadequate maintenance on the bus, inadequate training of the driver, safety or regulatory violations, driver negligence, inadequate inspections or faulty equipment on the bus.

Immediately subsequent to a bus crash, the insurance company for the bus company will begin working to minimize or deny your claim. You must have an attorney to protect your rights.

Email the Knight Law Firm now or contact us toll-free, if you have any questions regarding a bus accident injury. If you are or a loved one has or have been the victim of a bus accident that caused injury or death, please contact Robert Knight immediately,  If you cannot make it to one of our two locations in the Monroe and Shreveport area, we will send an attorney or other designated representative to a convenient location to meet with you.

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