Motorcycle Accidents

When a car or truck driver fails
to see a motorcycle and an accident occurs, the injuries to the motorcycle operator can be serious and severe.  If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, please make sure that you have a motorcycle accident attorney who will be a strong presence in the conversations with the insurance company and in the courtroom. Robert Knight is ready to assist you in your motorcycle accident case. We have regularly represented injured motorcyclists who, while lawfully riding their motorcycles, are injured in events caused by aggressive or careless car and truck lawyers.

Motorcycles have just as much right to be on the road as a car or truck. 
If you are injured you have a right to a personal injury attorney.  Here are the initial steps to your case.

1.  Get medical help.  Your first priority after a motorcycle accident should be medical attention as many motorcycle accidents will result in broken bones, road rash, brain injury or spinal cord injuries.

2. Talk to a lawyer.  Robert Knight has the experience to represent you effectively in your motorcycle case and can explain your rights and options.

3. Do not wait to make a claim.  In the State of Louisiana, you have one (1) year to bring a claim.  However, you should not wait until the year is almost up, as you want to move as quickly as possible while the incident is still fresh. A motorcyclist is many more times likely to suffer a fatal accident due to his or her lack of proper protection compared to that of a regular driver. Motorcycle accidents are commonly caused because a driver does not see a motorcycle due to its size.

When the legal matter you are facing is important, contact Knight Law Firm and schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with a litigation attorney who will make the time necessary to immediately discuss your case with you.  Contact Robert Knight today.

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