UM/UIM Accidents

In some cases, a driver causes injury
where there is either no insurance available through the at-fault driver or driver’s insurance limits are too low to adequately compensate the injured person.

A lawyer who has an emphasis on car accidents cases, as is the case with Robert Knight, can often assist the client in finding additional insurance policies that will fully compensate the injured person.   An individual who is not skilled in this area may tell a client that there simply is no insurance proceeds to be had, or that the available insurance limits are all that are available.

In his career, Mr. Knight has represented numerous individuals that have been injured and the at-fault driver either has (1) no insurance or (2) not enough insurance.  One of Mr. Knight’s initial cases out of law school was a woman who suffered severe injuries when she was hit by a driver with no insurance.  Because of Mr. Knight’s ability to find an insurance policy that was applicable to his client, the case was resolved for over one hundred thousand dollars. 

If you are injured as a result of a car accident, contact the Knight Law Firm immediately. whether or not you believe that there is insurance coverage available.  Finding applicable insurance is a job for an experienced attorney and you should never decide not to pursue a case just because you are told that there is not enough insurance or the insurance limits are low.

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