High Net Worth Divorce

We are an advocate for clients in complex divorces. 

A divorce is an emotionally draining process for many clients and their families and is further complicated for high net worth individuals.  An experienced divorce and family law attorney is essential to make sure the divorce reflects a fair division of community property assets. At Knight Law Firm, we are prepared to account for any hidden assets and evaluate businesses and property in high net worth divorces.  Contact us today for aggressive legal representation in Monroe, Shreveport and throughout Louisiana.

In Louisiana, once you are married, the general rule is that all property acquired during that marriage is determined to be community property.  However, this general rule can be upset by specific exceptions to the rule, such as a personal injury settlement to one spouse during the course of the marriage, or the use of separate funds that are used to benefit the community estate.Our firm’s family law section consult forensic accountants, appraisers and other experts to evaluate assets involved in a high net worth divorce, such as:     

        • Vacation homes

        • Retirement plans     

        • Business assets     

        • Boats and planes     

        • Stocks and investment     

        • Recreational or farmland   

Robert Knight will work with a team of financial experts and investigators to trace how assets were handled during the marriage.   

We work hard to protect your assets, including the assets obtained before marriage. 

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