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Knight Law Firm, LLC

Knight Law Firm is a litigation firm with offices in Monroe and Shreveport emphasizing in divorce, child custody litigation cases and catastrophic injury cases including car accidents and personal injury.

Mr. Knight decided to become an attorney and began his law practice to help people that could not help themselves.

At Knight Law Firm LLC, we use aggressive, creative litigation tactics to solve complex problems. We try to achieve the best result for our clients every time.

Attorney Bio

I am an LSU trained attorney that has a practice emphasis in custody and personal injury litigation. I have helped thousands of clients throughout my career. I am licensed both in Louisiana and in Texas, as well as the United States Supreme Court.

One of the most essential skills that I was taught by the lawyers who mentored me was empathy for my client.

In many occasions, a client only has his lawyer on his or her side. Their friends and family may be against them. A lawyer has to understand his client’s case fully in order to be able to effectively make his client’s argument. This understanding of a client’s case begins the first moment that I meet with the client and begin to hear their story. The client has to be truthful with his lawyer. Everything you tell your lawyer is confidential. A lawyer cannot help a client who keeps information from him or gives him the partial truth. Additionally, the client and the attorney have to work as a team. Once the lawyer gives the client advice the client must adhere to that advice if the client wants the best result possible. 

My work experience has always been litigation based.

Even before I was a lawyer, I attended other attorneys' trials to learn from example.  Watching a case take shape from its outset to its conclusion and the ability to shape the case is an art form. An important lesson that I learned was the value of over preparation of a case and making a clean record, for not only the Judge and his or her staff to examine, but also in the event of an appeal. 

I have authored numerous appeals and argued both at the various appellate courts throughout the State of Louisiana. I have also orally argued before the Louisiana Supreme Court which is by invitation only.

I have dedicated my life and my career to the helping of everyday people who need a voice to speak for them. If you need an advocate for your case or cause, please contact me. 

Monroe Louisiana Family Law and Custody Lawyer

The Knight Law Firm, LLC is a litigation firm that handles family law, domestic, divorce, and child custody cases in Monroe, Louisiana and also throughout Louisiana.  If you need Monroe family law attorney or Monroe custody lawyer, please contact us today to discuss your case. When a family law matter arises and you need a Monroe family law attorney or a Monroe custody lawyer please contact us today for a free consultation.

Knight Law Firm, LLC provides skilled representation and counsel for your domestic and family law needs in Ouachita Parish located in Monroe, Louisiana and surrounding parishes such as Morehouse Parish, Lincoln Parish, Union Parish, Richland Parish, West Carroll Parish, Franklin Parish, East Carroll Parish, Tensas Parish, Bossier Parish and Caddo Parish. If you are in need of a divorce or your spouse has already filed for custody of your child or children you need to consult Mr. Knight immediately.

Monroe Lousiana Car Accident Attorney & Personal Injury Attorney

Our firm is dedicated to helping clients recover from injuries that they receive as a result of an accident. We assist people in recovering damages received from negligence such as car accidents, 18-wheeler accidents, motorcycle accidents, or nursing home abuse. Whether you have been involved in a car accident in Monroe, Louisiana or have been hit by an eighteen wheeler in Ouachita Parish, or any other parish, we can handle your case.

Knight Law Firm, LLC offers a free consultation to anyone interested in speaking to an attorney experienced in handling personal injury cases. This consultation will be with an attorney, not a secretary or investigator. Once this consultation is quickly scheduled, an attorney will meet with you and discuss your case promptly and accurately.

If you require the assistance of a personal injury attorney then please contact Knight Law Firm, LLC immediately, via telephone or email. Our firm will assist you through this difficult time and guide you through the often confusing legal process. Please call Knight Law Firm, LLC at 318-323-2213 or 318-220-8991 today or complete the free case evaluation which is located on our website.

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