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Grandparent Rights

Grandparent Rights Lawyers in Northwest LA

Maintaining a meaningful relationship with your grandchildren is essential for their well-being and your emotional fulfillment. At Knight Law Firm, we understand the importance of preserving grandparent-grandchild bonds and advocating for your rights as a grandparent. Whether you're seeking visitation rights, custody, or involvement in important decisions affecting your grandchildren, our compassionate attorneys will fight for your rights with dedication and skill. We'll assess your unique situation, explain your legal options, and work tirelessly to pursue a favorable outcome that prioritizes the best interests of your grandchildren. With our unwavering support, you can continue to play a meaningful role in their lives and create lasting memories together.

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Insight on Grandparent Rights

In Louisiana family law, the court can appoint a non parent, such as a grandparent and award custody of a child to that non parent.  While these cases are unusual, as the parents have the fundamental right to their child, a judge does have that option.  In an case where a grandparent might not be available and the Judge decides that the child needs to be placed with a person other than a parent, then a relative of the child may be awarded custody.

Even though these cases are rare, Mr. Knight has successfully obtained grandparent/non parents custodial rights for a several clients.  A grandparent or non parent must first understand that they are not the court’s first option to place a child with.  However, if one or both parent are in jail or on drugs then it is possible to obtain custody rights for the grandparent or nonparent.

If you have a case where you are a grandparent or non parent and you need an attorney to advocate your case, please contact Knight Law Firm today.

Don't let legal obstacles come between you and your grandchildren. Contact us today to discuss your grandparent rights.